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Beef Steak Mince 1kg
Diced Stewing Beef 1kg
The Ultimate Steak PackThe Ultimate Steak Pack
The Ultimate Roasting Joint PackThe Ultimate Roasting Joint Pack
Sliced Cooked Gammon Ham App 500g
Gammon Steak Pack of 5 x 200-230g
Beef Rump Steak 5 x 200-230g
Rolled Beef Topside Joint 2.0-2.2kg
Beef Sirloin Steak Pack 5 steaks 200g
Lamb Shanks FROZEN Pack of 2 400g
Diced Stewing Lamb **1Kg**
Chicken Legs  Fresh 10 per Pack
Duck Breast FROZEN Pack of 2 220g
Cooked Ham Joints Half  2.75kg
Diced Stewing Pork 1kg
Pork Sausage Meat Fresh (app 1kg)

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